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Sheerline Classic Windows by Garnalex

Sheerline Classic

Fully interchangeable and integrated aluminium system that uses patented corner construction to eliminate stepped frames while speeding up installation. Furthermore, Sheerline Classic also uses a unique Thermavic® thermal break to improve performance.
Above all, Sheerline Classic has been designed to be the most secure, most elegant and most environmentally friendly aluminium window and door system available.

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Garnalex Aluminium Window Systems Trade Manufacturer
Garnalex Aluminium Windows Trade Manufacturer

Excellent Lead Times

With Sheerline Classic, you can offer your customers a high quality aluminium system at speed. Additionally, Sheerline Classic offers among the best lead times of any aluminium system and can be delivered to you or direct to site.

Quick Installation

Sheerline Classic has been designed for a quick and simple installation. Co-extruded weather-seals on cills and other ancillaries means there’s minimal need for silicone sealing, saving time, money and creating more consistent, reliable and weatherproof installations. So less remedial work cutting into your profit margins.

A patented clip-in hinge supports mean that sashes (subject to safe handling limits) can be installed easily by a single fitter. Our unique hinge support holds the sash in the correct position while the hinge is screwed firmly into place.

Integral glass adjustment device, pre-tensioned in the factory allows for any toe and heeling to be carried out on-site with a simple Allen key. Homeowners can be guided through the process if required over the phone, rather than having to wait for a service call.

Slimline Sheerline Aluminium Window Manufacturers

Slimline Styling

Aluminium windows by Sheerline Classic offer slimline aluminium aesthetics with unparalleled corner quality. Every product in the range has been designed to match perfectly.

• Slim sightlines of just 59mm on the Classic system
• Choice of Stepped and Contemporary sashes in traditional or flush styles on both systems for a modern aesthetic
• Consistent, discrete shadow-lines around sashes and between mullions for a refined and elegant look
• Flush options created using a stepped outer frame-for better weather performance
• Careful attention to details like offset screw ports in our keeps with a narrow mullion
• Improved corner aesthetics–the adjustability of the corner jointing method means an end to stepped frames
• Concealed drainage removes the need for unsightly face drainage covers–common on other aluminium systems


  • Thermavic thermal breaks which are almost half as thermally conductive as Polyamide. That’s traditionally used in other aluminium systems. Thermavic 0.17W/mK, Polyamide – 0.30 W/mK.
  • Co-extruded weather seals on cills and ancillaries such as corner posts provide reliable protection against the ingress of water and draughts. Therefore minimising the reliance on on-site silicone sealant.
  • Sheerline Classic’s systems incorporate concealed drainage. Creating a clear path for moisture to escape over the cill nose. Thus completely removing the risk that some systems introduce by guiding the water into the cill and draining through the bottom of the cill. 
  • The Sheerline glazing wedge is supplied on a continuous roll with both sides required to glaze a window joined together. This innovative approach leaves only one gasket join on each window and creates the most perfect perimeter seal possible-whilst minimising wastage.
Garnalex Aluminium Window Systems Trade Manufacturer

Fully Tested

For complete peace of mind Sheerline systems are all independently tested and accredited:
• PAS24:2016 (Enhanced Security)
BS accreditations:
• 4873:2009 Aluminium alloy windows and doorsets. Specification
• 6375-1 (Weathertightness)
• 6375-2 (Operation & Strength)
• 6375-2 (Additional Performance Characteristics)

Own in-house manufacturing and test facilities ensure all Sheerline products meet the latest stringent standards. Most aluminium systems don’t carry BS accreditation

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